Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pot Roast for Lunch!

After waking up twice in the middle of the night thinking "Oh no my pot roast must be burning!" I finally took it out of the crock pot around 7 am.  My apartment smelled amazing and I portioned part of the roast for lunch, put part in the fridge, and froze another part for later.  I brought it for lunch at work along with some leftover tofu kale salad, but didn't end up eating the salad because between the incredibly delicious roast and veggies, I was full!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh hi!

I love to cook!  And i'd love to remember what i've cooked!  So i'm going to document it all here, and eventually share it with YOU!

Enjoy :)

Tonight is a double feature... sort of. I'll explain...


Matzah pizza with leftover seder grilled veggies, soy cheese, and Trader Joe's pizza sauce.

Kale Tofu Soyaki Salad.  The recipe came from Matt's mom: Kale, lemon juice, garlic. Tofu, soyaki, BBQ sauce (I used hoisin sauce), salt, pepper, cumin.

Easy. YUM!

Tomorrow's Dinner:

Trader Joe's cabernet roast.  Browned the roast with olive oil and tossed it into the slow cooker with some potato, carrots, and mushrooms, wine, and vegetable stock. Started it around 7 PM, and it will be done tomorrow around 7 AM! I'll post the results here too :)

Now back to work!