Sunday, July 21, 2013

Broadcasting from new headquarters!

Hello my lovely Spatulettes! (Do you like your new name? I'm trying it out!)

Greetings from new Yellow Spatula headquarters in sunny San Clemente!

We've been here just over a month now but it feels like we've spent about 20 minutes here so far!  We're aaaaaalmost unpacked and once we finish you're all invited over to see the new place :)

Between the unpacking, commuting, yoga-ing, dog walking, discovering Trader Joe's cookie butter (OMG!) and settling in over the past month there hasn't been too much cooking, but when there was it was mostly soupy and salady.  So here we go...

Crab Cake Banana Chip Salad

My lovely cousin Audrey invented/adapted this salad, she tells me, from something she had in an Irish pub!  I don't know much about Irish food so maybe someone can enlighten me as to its origins, but it's unusually delicious.


Crab cake (mine was the frozen kind from Trader Joe's)
Oil (I used coconut in a spray can from TJ's)
Banana Chips
Your fav salad dressing (we used Italian)


Cook the crab cake in some oil according to the package directions
Arrange artfully in a bowl you've just unpacked
Carry your couch in from the U-haul and collapse on it

Kitchen Sink Taco Salad

This was just really, really delicious.  It was mixed greens with some tempeh sauteed in olive oil, leftover grill-fry-pan-sautee'd veggies from a BBQ at my parents' house, avocado, salsa, soy cheese, and corn salsa from TJ's. Quick, easy, yum. And, by the way, my recent purchase of a grill-fry pan will be the topic of an upcoming post. Do you have one? They're so fun!

And here's a repeat!  Remember this Mustard, Potato, and Greenbean Salad? Well this time, I used purple, white, AND red potatoes which was a colorful improvement an an already beautiful recipe.  

And just for fun, here are some pictures of our new home in San Clemente. We love it. Moving was a pain. We're never leaving! Come visit!

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

But it worked!
Our amazing patio! Home of many future BBQ's, hopefully with YOU!

More recipes and apartment pictures to come, but that's all for now!  Bon Appetit!