Monday, May 13, 2013

Pasta with Non-Artichoke Non-Marsala Sauce

Hi guys!

I'm back from an unintentional blogging hiatus taken due to things like finishing my doctoral research project (YES!!!!), finding a new apartment (can't wait to show you!), eating Native Foods several times per week, and fixing my kitchen sink which exploded in a terrible, terrible way (yep, time for a new apartment!)

Now back to regularly unscheduled programming!

I intended to make this Mushroom and Artichoke Marsala Pasta but what I ended up with was almost entirely unlike it, yet nevertheless, sensationally scrumptious.

You see, when I arrived at the store to buy frozen artichokes and marsala wine, the store was out. But it DID have a conveniently packaged "green bean sautee" full of green beans, red onion, and mushrooms and I knew there was a half-full bottle of cabernet sauvignon on my kitchen counter.

And thus, Green Bean and Mushroom Pasta in a Red Wine Reduction was born!


Green beans, chopped
A few mushrooms, chopped
A small onion, chopped
A bunch of parsley, chopped
Olive Oil
Pasta (I used Rigatoni)
A splash of "cream" (or soy milk)
Red, red wiiiiiiiine (stay close to meeeee) (ok maybe I had a glass before writing this post)


Start cooking the pasta until al dente
Heat olive oil in a large pan
Add onion and sautee until almost translucent
Then add the green beans and mushrooms
Once everything looks nice and sautee-ey, add 1 cup of wine
Turn down the heat and simmer until almost gone
Drain the pasta, add to the veggies
Add the chopped parsley
Add a splash of soy milk and stir it all together

One of my dinner rules I try to stick to is to always include at least 1 green thing and some protein.  This dish was missing the protein so I crumbled up and sauteed a little tempeh in the pasta pot to mix in with the pasta.  If tempeh doesn't sound tempting, you could do the same thing with chicken (mmm cooked in the wine sauce) or serve the dish with some grilled salmon. I think i'll have to make it several more times and try it with all of the above!

Pasta with Tempeh

Happy Cooking!


  1. I get so excited when I see you have a new post. Can't wait to see your new place!

  2. I want to see your new apartment!! Also, this looks delicious.